Meet The Staff

 Michelle Knoll (RECE) – Executive Director

Michelle joined the Centre in 2000 as a parent and volunteer.  In 2004 Michelle was hired as the Executive Director.  Michelle has diplomas in Community Work and Early Childhood Education.  She has been a community advocate for the last 35 years in the areas of neighbourhood capacity building, family support, poverty issues, tenants’ rights and inclusion. Michelle believes that a community has all the gifts and talents it needs to meet the challenges within that community if people are given the opportunity to connect and contribute.

Paige Lauer –  Pre-School and Community Outreach Manager

Paige holds a BA in Family and Child Relations and is an RECE.  She comes to Oak Park with many years of experience planning and developing inclusive programs for children and their caregivers.  Her passion for programming is contagious. She is skilled at making connections, building relationships and earning the trust of her clients. Paige consistently produces engaging, entertaining and educational programs featuring essential aspects of early literacy, knowledge of child development coupled with creativity, spunk and enthusiasm.  A recipe that stimulates, educates and inspires.  Paige embraces opportunities to grow and evolve and is looking forward to connecting with the Oak Park community.

 Kelly Luscombe – Facilities Coordinator

Kelly is a customer service specialist, friendly, welcoming and aims to provide quality service. Kelly is a very active member in the Oakville community. With great interest in inspiring and supporting at risk or low-income families with resources to help them achieve goals and avoid hardship. She is a wealth of information and ensures people get connected with resources.

 Krystin Hawkins (RECE)- Lead Preschool Teacher

Krystin is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and holds a BA in Social Development Studies. With over 6               years experience in the field, Krystin has worked in a variety of settings including Reggio inspired centers and centers with Emergent Curriculum approaches.  Krystin believes that children’s natural curiosities are a basis on which to create fun and engaging learning experiences. Krystin tries to bring the children’s curiosities to life and make learning a fun-filled process.

 Staci Hall- Preschool Assistant

Staci lives in Oak Park with her family and began at the centre as a volunteer helping with our drop-in program.               Staci loves interacting with the children in our Preschool program and facilitating play experiences that expand on the children’s curiosity.

 Heather Tompkins – Community Support

Heather has worked vocationally as a school teacher and leader in a variety of charitable organizations. Heather established a Canadian micro-enterprise to provide practical support for urban-poor in the Philippines. In frontline programming and as a board member for a Community Centre Heather has used her leadership skills to train, equip and encourage others. As a chaplain for 20 years with a bereavement support centre Heather provided leadership and multi-generational counsel to individuals and group support for the grieving. Over the years Heather has volunteered in many local and international faith-based organizations including work with Romanian orphans.

Danish Mahmood – After School Program Coordinator

Gina Moustaffa – Senior’s Fitness Instructor


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