Unlicensed After School Program

Philosophy Statement:
This program statement meets the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act, incorporates “How does learning happen” and aligns with our agency’s vision of “ Support, connect, engage” Oak Park Neighbourhood Center is a welcoming community that supports self-esteem, family bonds, meaningful relationships, skill development, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential. We believe that children are most successful when they know what to expect, have a sense of belonging in their community, have friends, and strong self-esteem. Our program aims to teach healthy habits through physical activity, snack, and wellness.

The program will build self-esteem, self-reliance, skills, and knowledge to advance the health, wellness, and success of its participants. The aim is to nurture participant development through fun, safe, interesting and engaging activities that teach new skills and increase knowledge. The program must ensure our main goals of support, connect, and contribute are included each day. This program is Unlicensed for grades 4 to 8.

Physical Activity – 54 Minutes
Our program engages students in physical activity that is developmentally appropriate, emphasizing enjoyment that includes aerobic, strengthening, and cardio-respiratory fitness activities. Physical activity takes place outdoors whenever possible. We engage in a variety of activities that promote skill development and cooperative play. Students are encouraged to take part in activity selection, organization, and leadership.

Healthy Food Choices – 36 Minutes
Students are provided a healthy snack option daily during program, where they can learn about healthy choices, dietary knowledge and have a sense of community. We encourage students to actively participate in menu planning, cooking, reading labels, and making healthy choices. Our program only serves food made without trans-fat and without sugar, we also accommodate dietary restrictions. (Parents must provide written note and label any snack provided) All food meets provincial guidelines
for healthy snacks.

Wellness & Empathy – 36 Minutes
Our program builds resiliency, self-esteem, friendship, empathy, anti-bullying, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, increased decision making, teamwork and positive body image. We educate students on tools for stress management activities like yoga, music, and anger management. Creating a safe space for students to learn, make friends and build their skills together. We engage in our local community supporting those in need or having community speakers come into program for
unique learning opportunities.

We have a ratio of 1 teacher to 20 children and a maximum program size of 20 children.

This program is open to children in grades 4 to 8 who are enrolled at Post Corners Public School or St. Andrews Catholic School. We close our program to coincide with PD days in coordination with the Halton District School Board.

We are closed for Christmas holidays and March Break. You are required to pay for the days that we are closed due to inclement weather (i.e. snow days). Students that are enrolled in the After-School program may be registered for 3 to 5 days a week. Our program payment can be broken down into two payments, one in August and the second in December.

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