Across Canada, HIGH FIVE®  is trusted to help people and organizations make a difference in over 1 million children’s lives annually, giving them ‘the best way to play’.

HIGH FIVE®  is Canada’s only comprehensive quality standard for children’s programs. Founded in 2001 by Parks and Recreation Ontario, HIGH FIVE offers a holistic approach to healthy child development, based in years of research, validated by experts in related fields.

HIGH FIVE®  maintains a vision that, through sustained involvement in quality sport, recreation and physical activities, all children are experiencing healthy child development. To accomplish this, we work with over 400 HIGH FIVE®  Registered and Accredited Organizations to ensure that they develop a high level of expertise in child development and are equipped with tools for enhancing and maintaining a high level of program quality. HIGH FIVE®  also provides parents across the country with a recognizable mark of quality when looking for a program in which to enroll their children.

HIGH FIVE®  holds true to the following five Principles of healthy child development that the research indicates are essential for providing a positive experience for kids:
o A Caring Adult
o Friends
o Play
o Mastery
o Participation

HIGH FIVE®  empowers organizations to provide the best possible experiences for children in their programs through the active application of these five Principles. Together with our network of national delivery partners, HIGH FIVE®  strives to have a positive and long-lasting impact on children’s lives through healthy child development. We do this by maintaining a quality standard in children’s programs across Canada through research-based training, scientifically-validated assessment tools and advocacy.

HIGH FIVE’s proprietary approach is built on a Quality Framework, consisting of:
o Training and Development for staff working in children’s programs
o Program Assessments using the scientifically-validated QUEST 2 Tool
o Establishing Policies and Procedures to manage risk through QUEST 1
o Creating Awareness for parents of the benefits of high-quality programs for kids

Each component of the Quality Framework works proactively with the rest to create an all-encompassing strategy of quality assurance which, when implemented consistently over time, has been proven to ensure that children age 6 to 12 have positive experiences in programs. This has the tangible outcome of retaining the child’s interest in remaining active.
Simply put, quality experiences at play mean that kids will come back for more.

HIGH FIVE®  works because of its comprehensive, evidence-based approach to positive experiences for kids. Through the use of HIGH FIVE®  tools, like QUEST 2, quality becomes measurable, quantifiable and attainable. Organizations can identify areas for improvement with confidence, program satisfaction is increased and organizations enjoy the benefits of meeting an increasing demand for quality assurance certification.

HIGH FIVE®  matters because kids excel in life through positive experiences. Through our national network of delivery partners, we are able to address societal challenges like children’s mental health and physical inactivity while educating practitioners on the cognitive, social and emotional needs of kids.

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What is HIGH FIVE® ?

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