Tax and Stretching Your Dollar

Year-Round Income Tax Clinics

We provide free, year-round tax filing for eligible Halton residents. We are currently filing returns virtually or by pre-arranged drop-off.  All you need to do is complete and email or drop off the form below!

Who can use this service?

✔ Halton residents who have a combined household income at or below the following amounts:

1 person                           $40,000 or less

2 persons                         $50,000 or less 

3 persons                         $52,500 or less

4 persons                         $55,000 or less

More than 4 people   $55,000 plus $2,500 for each additional person    

✖ We CAN NOT file for residents who are self-employed (i.e., Uber or InstaCart) or have employment expenses unless your income in Box 48 of the T4A is less than $1000 and no expenses are claimed. 

Click HERE to download and fill out the 2023 Income Tax Registration Form and bring it with you.

How to set up your CRA account

Micro Finance Loans, Bank Accounts & Credit

We can assist with low-interest loans for those who would not otherwise qualify. (Subject to approval).

Bank Account Comparison Tool:

Credit Card Payment Calculator:

Credit Card Comparison Tool:

Canada Learning Bond

Free Money for your child’s education.

Hydro & Gas Support

1. Leap program provides a one-time emergency payment for hydro and gas low-income customers who are in arrears.
2. The Ontario Energy Support Program provides a grant on your bill of between $35 to $75 each month.
Please fill out the required form, scan or take a photo of it and email to, and attach photos or scans of the documents listed below.

In the future we may be able to return to drop in appointments on Wednesday and Thursdays from 11:30-2:30

1) Person applying has their name on the Oakville bill and lives at that address.
2) Your household income is below the poverty line
3) Your account is in arrears.
4) Have a sustainable plan for how you will pay future bills.
5) You cannot have applied in the last 12 months for this assistance
For more information contact 905-257-6029 x 105 or email

You Will Need:
1. The current energy bill for your residence
2. Identification –identification for each person in the household.(If via email we will confirm this over the phone
3. The last month of bank statements for everyone in the household or your current tax assessment
4. Proof of rent/mortgage payment (This may be on your bank statement)
5. All adults in the home must attend the interview

Online Money Saving & Budgeting Resources

Affordable recipes

Resume Templates

Save on Energy Costs

Budgeting and Saving

Compare Cell Phone Plans:

Making the most of your money workshop, Prosper Canada: 

New to Canada Money Management

Money Management Online Free Courses by ABS Life Literacy Canada

Work Sheets by TD Money Matters

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